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Bahrain Investment Wharf

Hidd, Kingdom of Bahrain

Project Details

BIW is the first privately owned and managed industrial investment park resulted from PPP between Inovest and the Government of Bahrain represented by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism (“MOICT”). BIW objective is to contribute to Bahrain’s industrial growth, attract FDI’s and diversify Bahrain’s national economy.


Key Attributes:


  • Launch Year: 2005.
  • Investment Size: USD 1.3 billion.
  • Project Type: Industrial Infrastructure Development.
  • Area: 1.7 million square meters of reclaimed and infrastructure developed land.
  • Component: Offers 163 pre-serviced plots of industrial, logistic, commercial & residential estates.
  • Facilities: State of the art infrastructure and support services.
  • Investors Returns: ROI 29% and IRR of 21%.
  • Location: Salman Industrial Area, Hidd, Kingdom of Bahrain.
  • Exit: Q2 2008.