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Dannat Resort

Half Moon Bay, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Project Details

Destined to become a residential and holiday getaway for Saudi locals and tourist. Dannat Resort master plan designed to be a gated waterfront mixed-use project focused on building a unique and diversified residential, commercial and leisure elements in a harmonious layout.


Key Attributes:


  • Launch Year: 2008.
  • Investment Size: USD 660 million.
  • Project Type: water front mixed-use development.
  • Area: 1,000,000 square meters.
  • Component: offers private water-front residential units, buildings and commercial units.
  • Facilities: beachfront hotel with mooring and marina services.
  • Investors Returns: Estimated IRR of 27%.
  • Location: Half Moon Bay, Eastern Province, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Exit: Asset is currently under management.