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Reef Real Estate

Real Estate

Project Details

Established in 2005, Reef is the premier financing house in the kingdom of Bahrain, differentiated by its superiority in providing tailor-made financing solutions, quality customer service and respect to strategic partners. Reef also carries out investment activity to increase return on investment for its shareholders.


Key Attributes:


  • Investment Size: USD 70.2 million.
  • Investment Type: Direct equity ownership.
  • Sector: Real Estate
  • Shareholders: The company is owned 78.4% by Bahraini shareholders and the remaining held by the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) investors.
  • Services Offered: One stop-shop Sharia Compliant Financing Solution and investment activity in real estate properties.
  • Investors Returns: Estimated at ROI 59%.
  • Location: Kingdom of Bahrain
  • Exit: Expected Q4 2018.